2019 Presentation Archives

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All files below are in PDF format.

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Speaker Company Session Title
Stan King ITC zPDT Technology
Marc Smith ProTech Training IT's Best Kept Secrets
Rich Smrcina Velocity Software Using Your Performance Monitor to Watch z/VM and Linux on IBM Z
James Vincent Velocity Software Cloud Enabling z/VM the Easy Way
Ingo Franzki IBM Linux End to End Encryption
z/VSE Connectors Best Practices
z/VSE Security with Open SSL
Bill Bitner IBM z/VM Platform Update: Ever Onward
Leveraging the Newest Capabilities in z/VM 7.1
Bill Carico ACTS Corporation Intro to Blockchain for the Mainframer
Scott McFall ProTech Training Addressing the Mainframe Skills Shortage: What Happens When the Boomers Retire?
Mike Watkins RedHat RedHat Update
Tracy Dean IBM REXX Language Coding Techniques
Customer Experiences Managing z/VM, Linux and LinuxONE
Stefan Raspl IBM Welcome To The Jungle - Linux on IBM Z Networking Options
What's New in Linux on IBM Z
Accelerate Networking with Shared Memory Communications for Linux on IBM Z
Choose Wisely - Linux on IBM Z Networking Card Options
Gonzalo Muelas Serrano IBM z/VSE Status, Business and News
Neale Ferguson Sine Nomine Associates NJE and SSH Client Suite
Container Orchestration
David Simpson IBM Oracle on IBM Z Performance Tips
Bruce Hayden IBM Are There Free Tools Available For z/VM?
Len Santalucia Vicom Infinity How the Open Mainframe Project Makes Modern Mainframes with Open Source
Tony Thigpen ProZ Global Real World z/VSE to z/OS Migration Experience from a z/VSE Bigot
Darren Surch Interskill Learning Modern Training Methods for the z/VSE & z/VM Workforce
Dave Jones ITC Install and Use of the IBM Terminal Server for zLinux
Perry Ruiter/Dave Jones Securing RXSOCKET Applications with TLS
Ingolf Salm IBM z/VSE Hints and Tips
z/VSE Update
Walter Church IBM Dynamic Memory Management
CMS Pipelines Intro
Steven Cook IBM GDPS and the GDPS Virtual Appliance
Paul Novak IBM Good Practices: performance, optimization, and configuration management for z/VM and Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE
Mike Friesenegger SUSE Implementing Pervasive Encryption in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
Using Restful APIs in z/VM Cloud Connector for z/VM Automation