2023 Presentation Archives

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Many of the speakers from the 2023 VM Workshop have kindly provided their presentation materials in electronic format so that attendees may download them for reference. Presentations will be posted as we receive them.

All files below are in PDF format.

Please note that the presentations are copyright by the speakers and/or their organizations, and please respect this copyright and do not re-post elsewhere without permission from the author.

More presentations may be added over time as they are received from speakers; please check back often.

Speaker Company Session Title
Kevin Stoodley IBM IBM Z Strategy and Future Outlook
James Vincent/Rich Smrcina Velocity Software Modernizing Spool Management for z/VM
Rich Smrcina Velocity Software Monitoring z/VSE with zVPS
Sam Cohen Levi, Ray, and Schoup An introduction to SAN and FB disk for ECKD Users
User Experiences in Setting Up Openshift
John Mertic
Len Santalucia
Linux Foundation
Vicom Infinity
State of the Open Mainframe Project
David Simpson IBM Customer Experiences with Oracle amd Open Source Databases on z/VM
Bruce Hayden IBM Installing a Usable VM System is Easy!
Tracy Dean IBM Solutions for Real Customer Challenges Managing z/VM and Linux
Running a DR Test with Shared Tapes and Backups
Rexx Language Coding Techniques - Part 1
Rexx Language Coding Techniques - Part 2
John Franciscovich IBM Preparing for 8 Member SSI
Common z/VM Hurdles and How to Overcome Them
z/VM 7.3 Platform Update
Where is the Best z/VM Information
Arty Ecock
Len Santalucia

Vicom Infinity
NVME Larger Page Allocation
Monte Bauman IBM LinuxONE Client Journey Design Board III
Mike Friesenegger SUSE How to use a purpose built, lightweight and immutable OS with z/VM
Feilong: the open source API for z/VM automation
Vic Cross IBM Easily Extending a Usable z/VM System!
Wilhelm Mild IBM Where to deploy container workload in RH OpenShift on zSystems or IBM zCX Foundation for OpenShift
How to deploy an App into Red Hat OpenShift to scale automatically
Demystifying a Red Hat OpenShift environment with zOS and zVSE knowledge
What are the common tools that cover traditional and container development
Steve Cook
Wilhelm Mild
Five Nines all the way down
Michael Snihur IBM What's new in the latest IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center
Live Tour of IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center
Edmund Wilhelm 21st Century Software VSE/VSAM Basics
21CS VSEn and z/VM Synergies
VSAM Tuning and Troubleshooting
Shahin Krishna 21st Century Software Fresh installation of 21CS VSEn 6.3
MQ revival - Deploying 21CS MQ for VSEn
Upgrading to 21CS VSEn with Fast Service Upgrade (FSU)
Hints and Tips for newbies working with/upgrading to 21CS VSEn 6.3
Gonzales Muelas Serrano 21st Century Software Transition and news from IBM z/VSE to 21CS VSEn 6.3
Using Box for getting 21CS VSEn SW products, support and reporting SCRT
James Nelson Supreme Court of Virginia Bringing Ansible to existing infrastructure
Rick Troth BAE Systems Securing z/VM with Tor Hidden Services
Neale Ferguson Sine Nomine Associates An SSH Client Suite for VSE
Andy Hartman Mainline Information Systems z/VM and LINUX Considerations for FCP Storage Environments
'Houston, All Systems Go' - Mainframe Systems as Clients in the Brave New World
Michael Potter Replatform Technologies Benchmarking Linux on Intel versus Linux on Z
Alan Altmark IBM z/VM RACF - The Right Way
z/VM Maintenance, Service, and Upgrades
z/VM Virtual Switch
Marc Smith ProTech Training IT's Best Kept Secret
Scott McFall ProTech Training Addressing the Mainframe Skills Shortage